We provide executive coaching support to project sponsors and managers, either off-line or in context where we discuss real life work situation before meetings to agree what outcomes you desire and how you might best achieve them, followed by a review of how effective these strategies were and how you might further improve.  For ongoing coaching we can provide immediate support at a distance via Skype.

Some coaches have experience but no training in coaching, whereas others are trained in coaching techniques but have little experience at senior levels.  We have many years of senior level experience in a variety of industries and situations and are also trained and certified.  We can help with what you are trying to achieve as well as the how.


For best effect, we recommend a combination of focussed training workshops for groups followed by a bank of coaching time to implement and embed the learning.  This combination can be more cost effective than generic training courses.

Our coaching rates average £300-500 per session, depending on volume.  A typical coaching intervention would cost around £1600 and be completed over 4-6 weeks.

Lorraine Calcott IEng MILP MSLL MIoD

Lorraine Calcott


‘I have worked with Peter several times as a coach over the last year with amazing results. He is professional, engaging and most of all trustworthy, so you feel immediately you can trust him with your issues and he is genuinely keen to help you discover the answers.  He goes beyond what is expected and I truly believe my business would not be where it is today without his help. I would not hesitate to recommend him’.


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Testimonials and Endorsements

I was introduced to the world of Neuro-Linguistic Programming via my involvement with sports coaching. This exposure to NLP illustrated to me what a fantastic tool this could be for the Project Management profession. We generally recognise that our people are our greatest asset and that we operate in a world where relationships are key, however, so called ‘soft skills’ can often be the hardest to master. With NLP our people can learn to be even more effective in their dealings with their teams, clients and key stakeholders. The release of Peter’s book is perfectly timed and fills a large void in the market.
Peter Chana MAPM, MCIOBProgramme DirectorBovis Lend Lease Consulting Chairman, Woodnesbrough FC (Juniors)