Testimonials and Endorsements

Testimonials and endorsements




Angie BallFor me, the book on it’s own would not be enough, but having now completed 5 days of NLP4PM training with Peter Parkes, the book content has been taken to a different level. The techniques have come alive and their application is very clear, all I need to do now is practice. 5 days training based on the book has enabled me to significantly change my limiting beliefs but has also enabled me to understand how best to build rapport with people in a way that I would never have thought possible. I understand how the application of NLP techniques will change my approach to delivering very successful projects. I would recommend the book and the course to everyone. A very enlightening experience and one that I will never forget.

Angie Ball, Rolls Royce

Lindsay Scott‘I would struggle to recommend another book that covers the tricky subject of how we become better at the people aspects of project management. I think the mark of any good book is that you find yourself recommending it when in conversation with others, which is what happened just the other day. A friend, who is currently working in a change management environment, was talking about interesting times in her organisation. It was the age-old problem of a few “trouble makers” who are showing resistance to change. I piped up that there are loads of examples and approaches you could take with NLP, and there’s this book I’m reading…’

Lindsay Scott, Director, Arras People project management recruitment

I found the book very well structured in the way it combined the theory of NLP (at not too intense a level) with practical exercises and examples, and very well written. I thought that a PM who took it seriously and followed the book right through would develop some very good people skills, whether or not they decided to take it any further. The book is about the ‘soft skills’ of Project Management, which are so often ignored; indeed I would strongly recommend it to any Manager who recognises the need to work with and through people.

Sally Smedley, HR Director and executive coach

Michael BealePeter has done a great job outlining 1) Project Management, 2) NLP, and 3) How NLP can enable a step change improvement when managing projects.  However I think the book deserves a wider readership. Much of business today is about managing projects, and with it change. I’d recommend the book to any manager or director involved in change. Which I suspect is most of us.

Michael Beale NLP trainer and Coach

We can now buy almost any car and expect it to work perfectly from the start – very different from a few decades ago. So why not aspire for a world in which every project succeeds? That involves organisational change and improved processes and systems, but primarily it is about people – their attitudes, behaviours and relationships. Project management professionals are already driving this cultural shift. This book, by an eminent practitioner of both Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Project Management, makes a valuable contribution by marrying the two fields to reinforce our understanding of how people can maximise their effectiveness in managing and responding to change. It provides interesting and useful insights for those at all stages in their career development. I am pleased to recommend it.

Mike NicholsChairman, Association for Project Management Board Member, Major Projects Association Chairman of BSI Standards Policy and Strategy Committee Chairman, The Nichols Group

If all books placed as much importance on soft skills as this one then perhaps we might start to see a sea change in the way projects are managed. All too often the fact it’s people that deliver projects is forgotten, something not lost on this book which should be applauded.

Chris Field PMP MBCS CITP President, UK chapter of the Project Management Institute

Important contextualised contribution to the development of competence in the so-called soft skills, hard to master, but an indispensable component of effective practice in a profession whose time has come.

Andrew BraggChief Executive, Association for Project Management

Goleman persuaded 5 million readers that EI was more important than IQ to success, but stopped short of telling us what to do about it. Peter shows us how. A must-read set of life and business skills for all professional interim executives

David HarriesManaging Director, Association of Professional Interims

Project Managers need a range of hard and soft skills to drive project management processes to deliver successfully. I am clear that using associated PPM tools and applying learning is not enough on its own. Peter’s book brings analysis, insight and valuable pointers to improving those very important soft skills such as building rapport with stakeholders, handling difficult situations and being assertive. I recommend Peter’s book, read it and help improve both your personal performance and your team’s performance.

Paul HirstHead of PPM capability, HMRC

In this book Peter Parkes focuses on an increasingly valued aspect of project management. Soft skills have always underlain excellent project management performance, but the underlying concepts and techniques have not been clearly expressed. Peter has now demonstrated how NLP can help many of us, in a most helpful and engaging way. The benefits of applying, rather than just reading, his approach will become apparent to those concerned with supporting individual projects as to those governing major portfolios of programmes and projects. Knowing the depth of knowledge and experience on which this book is based I have no hesitation in recommending it.

David Shannon Hon Fellow APMChairman, APM Governance Specific Interest Group MD, Oxford project Management Ltd