Schedule of training courses

Schedule of training courses delivered by Peak Performance

We deliver most of our training in-house to corporate clients but maintain these public dates.
(See our catalogue of training courses for descriptions)

Introduction to NLP for Project Managers
1 day.  £495+VAT
29th April 2015

NLP4PM™: NLP for Project Managers
5 days. £1950+VAT
1-5th June 2015

NLP4BA™: NLP for Business Analysts
3 days. £1450+VAT
15-17th September 2015

Getting to grips with Project Sponsorship and Governance
1 day. £495+VAT
8th July 2015

How to set up and carry out Assurance of Project Management
2 days. £995+VAT
21-22nd July 2015

Advanced tools and skills for effective Stakeholder Management
2 day. £995+VAT
1/2nd July 2015

Higher Apprenticeships in Project Management
2 days per month over 2 years.  £350/month
Next cohort starting in February 2015

How to set up and run effective projects and programmes
5 days. £1450+VAT
11-15th May 2015

Behavioural competences for project managers
3 days. £1450+VAT
19-21st May 2015

Team-building for Project Managers
2 days. £995+VAT
9-10th June 2015

Leadership skills for project managers
2 days. £995+VAT
28-29th July 2015

Building Resilience and Managing Stress
1 day. £495+VAT
17th June 2015

Advanced communication skills for project managers
2 days. £995+VAT
23-24th June 2015

Negotiation skills for Project Managers
2 days. £995+VAT
14-15th July 2015

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